Tuesday, October 22, 2013

First email! Oct. 16 2013

Dear family and friends,

The MTC is INCREDIBLE! It's so hard, but so rewarding. The first day I got here I was put right to work. They definitely keep you busy, but everyone kept saying to make it til Sunday and then the days would just fly by after that. Well, they were right! I can't believe it's already Thursday! Yes, today is my P-Day and I only get one while being here in the field! I leave next Tuesday and will be taking the train up to SLC. I'm so excited!!

So, my district is amazing! =) I'm in a tripanionship and one of my companions is from Australia! I love listening to her speak and she and I have become very close! Her name is Sister Knight and I'm telling you her accent is rubbing off on me! Sometimes I catch myself saying words with an Australian accent! It's so funny! My other companion is from Canada. Her name is Sister Nabrotzky and she is super friendly! She talks to EVERYONE! She has no fear and I love her for that! Yes, we have all had a difficult time adjusting, but last night we all really opened up to each other and I could just feel the Spirit and love we had in our room! What a great feeling!

My teachers in amazing! They know so much and are so helpful! Their names are Sister Hardy, Brother Davies, Brother Roberts, Brother Anderson, and Brother Von Bracht. They are all incredible! 
On Monday, I was really struggling to focus on the investigators we were teaching because, since the first day I got here to the MTC, I've had this very strong feeling that I need to write Thomas. I know we don't talk anymore, but I really feel a prompting to write him. Sometimes when I am in the classroom and one of the missionaries and the teacher do a demonstration, I'm reminded of when Thomas was taking the discussions with the missionaries. So, Monday, my heart felt extremely heavy and I said so many prayers that day asking Heavenly Father to help ease that pain and discomfort. Just minutes before my companions and I taught an "investigator," Luke, which was Brother Roberts, he asked to speak with me for a moment. Immediately, I knew this was an answer to my prayer. He really listened to me and tried to comfort me with my struggle. It was wonderful! 

Then, when we went to teach Luke, the Spirit was so strong!! I felt more at peace and more in tune with the Spirit. This was such an incredible experience for me and a moment where my testimony really grew! I know that Heavenly Father answers prayers! 

Yesterday was also another difficult day towards the end, but another incredible one! The missionaries in my district were going to be role playing giving a discussion on the restoration and Before my companions and I were going to teach, it was hard for me to be in tune with the Spirit. Brother Davies asked to speak with me and we left the room and I was able to share with him what was on my mind. He told me not to feel guilty thinking about things back home. I suppose I did feel some guilt because I wanted to be completely devoted to my investigators. So, after speaking with him, I was able to receive a priesthood blessing from an elder in district. His name is Elder Howell. I'm so thankful for him and his willingness to give me a blessing of comfort and peace.

My experience here has been an incredible one! I love the MTC! I love the ups and downs and I love cherishing the moments where I can feel the Spirit! =)

There is no other place that I would rather be than here doing the work of the Lord! I know how much he loves me and all of you! I know Jesus Christ is my Savior and that he truly did atone for me sins! 

I hope you are all well! Thank you for the Dear Elder letters. They are great!! I want to know more about what's going on with the kiddos! I miss you all! I love you so much!


Sister Talbert